List of presentations topics

Rolling shear in cross-laminated timber (CLT)
(T. Ehrhart, R. Brandner)

Beech glulam – experimental studies on the mechanical properties and on the performance of screws connections
(R. Jockwer, T. Ehrhart)

Timber Construction in Spain
(J.M. Cabrero)

Screwed connections and reinforcements for engineered timber structures
(H.J. Blass)

Popularization of timber structures in Estonia
(E. Tuhkanen)

Withdrawal resistance of glued-in steel rods by pull-pull tests in CLT
(A. Bidakov, I.Raspopov, B. Strashko)

Semi-rigid Joints of LVL elements with glued-in steel rods and metal connector
(A. Bidakov, I.Raspopov)

Modern engineering technique for calculating moment joints of frames
(D. Matyushchenko, D. Mikhailovsky)

Analysis of the stress-strain state of glulam beams reinforced with ordinary, fiberglass and basalt bars
(D. Mikhailovsky, A. Mavdyuk)

Timber-concrete composite constructions: state-of-the-art and perspectives in Ukraine
(D. Kochkarev, B. Strashko)

Some aspects of designing gluelam large-span arches
(T. Babich, D. Mikhailovsky)

Basics calculation of bending elements of wood after the action of repeated loads on the criterion of deformation destruction
(S. Gomon)

Installation of tension in the beams of glued wood for slanting bend at different stages of work using the deformation model
(A. Pavluk, S. Gomon)

Experimental and statistical investigations of slim module of deformation of glued wood modified by silor
(S. Gomon, S. Gomon, M. Polishyuk)

Program 7th June


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1900 –  Common dinner at restaurant

Program 8th June


900 – 930   Opening and conference overview


0930 – 1100   presentations and discussions


1100 – 1130   Coffee pause


1130 – 1300   presentations and discussions


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1400    Excursion


Moderator:                 A. Bidakov