To travel to Kharkiv, you can fly to Kharkiv Airoport. But there are no direct flights from Europe. So you will have to change a plane. If you will fly to the main Kyiv Airoport (Boryspil Airoport), it will be the most convenient way. Everyday, three times a day you can fly from Kyiv to Kharkiv. Since 2005, a travel visa is not required for US and Western Europe residents.

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     The best and fastest way from Kharkiv Airoport to the city center Kharkiv would be to take a taxi.
You will reach the city center within 20 minutes. The fixed price is approx. 6€.
Local transport in Kharkiv:
- underground (metro),
- bus,
- taxi.
     The most comfortable local transport is taxi, because of its low price and fast transportation. Also you can reach the conference venue by foot. It will take from 15 to 20 min depending on distance from the selected hotel.